When you first walk in, you’ll know

Personal attention from our coaches

Here, you’re more than just a number in a packed Monday fitness class. Instead, our experienced coaches will work with you personally to correct your punching mechanics, positioning and leverage, giving you all you need to get better.

Ryan Rannelli coaching kid
No Excuse Boxing

A focus on the fundamentals

Even if you’re just trying to get in shape, our team stresses proper technique and fundamentals. You’ll get much more than hitting the heavy bag. Because that’s the joy of boxing: once you start, you quickly realize that boxing includes technique, mental preparation, roadwork, strength and conditioning, and diet. Here, you can get it all.

A safe and inviting environment

Our gym welcomes people of all skill levels, ages, and backgrounds. Here, you'll get the support you need to progress and develop according to your ability. We take a custom, step-by-step approach so you will always feel challenged but never out of your depth

No Excuse Boxing offers safe environment for ladies
No Excuse Boxing offers Professional Pedigree

Professional pedigree

Our staff includes Golden Glove champions, Commonwealth Games medalists, and accomplished amateurs and professional boxers. We know what it takes to prepare a fighter for competitive boxing, from their first amateur bout to an upcoming tournament.


What is it about boxing that keeps people coming back? How is it that a young amateur full of competitive fire and a fifty-year-old retiree can stand next to each other on the bags and both find endless challenge, motivation, and reward from the sweet science?

We believe it’s because there’s so much more to boxing than throwing a punch.

Here, boxing is more than just sport and fitness—it’s a discipline. No matter who you are, young or old, fit or out of shape, boxing will bring the best out of you. It will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, both physical and mental. It will teach you things beyond a proper left hook.

It will talk to you, even when you’re away from the gym.

Boxing is community, too. It has the power to keep kids off the street, turn lives around, and elevate the truly dedicated to superstar status. At No Excuse, all you need is the will to start—to begin training and working on yourself. Once you make that choice, you’ll be welcomed into the fold by beginners and amateurs, trainers and coaches alike.

Originally founded in 2008 in Hamilton, No Excuse Boxing & Fitness Gym is our ode to the sweet science—our small contribution to the big, global, boxing family. Our family has a strong boxing tradition homegrown in nearby Sudbury. During the 1970s and 80s, the Ranelli name was somewhat of a local boxing dynasty, with all five Ranelli brothers becoming Canadian boxing champions in five separate weight classes. In 1980, the family produced the first three sons of Sudbury to qualify for the Olympics, a bid for international glory cut short by Canada’s boycott of the summer games.

This is the kind of boxing pedigree you’ll find within our four walls, where you’ll learn technique while pushing the boundaries of physical and mental fitness. You’ll learn to skip rope, slip, weave, and jab. You’ll learn the tremendous importance of all that you do while you’re away from the ring, including what you feed your body and brain.

You’ll learn that you’ve got a whole lot of fight in you.

This is our why. It’s what put the hook in each of our trainers way back when they first discovered boxing, however many rounds ago. It’s what we aim to show you when you walk into our gym, whatever your skill level or background.

Here, showing up is the only requirement. We’ll work through the rest together.



We invite you to schedule an orientation, or just drop in for a visit to check it out. See and hear the sound of the sweet science—of everybody, from beginner to professional, coming together to get the rounds in.