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Ryan Rannelli - Head Coach

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Ryan Rannelli is a boxer’s boxer. Before opening No Excuse Fitness and Boxing in 2008, Rannelli was Hamilton’s 2x Canadian Boxing Champion, having amassed more than 100 amateur fights in Canada and around the world. He continues to box competitively while coaching amateur boxers and boxing enthusiasts to their full potential.

As a NCCP Level 2 boxing coach, certified personal trainer, and ACT(Assess Correct Train) certified and a Box-On Instructor, Rannelli puts consistency and discipline—in and out of the ring—at the center of his renowned coaching style. Thousands of people in the Burlington area have been motivated to strive for their health and competitive goals using this unique approach. Whether your goal is losing weight, learning the fundamentals, or competing at major tournaments, Rannelli will help you push beyond your comfort zone in a supportive environment designed to help all fighters achieve their goals.

Favorite boxer: Arturo Gatti

“The hero and the coward both feel the same thing. But the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs. It’s the same thing, fear, but it’s what you do with it that matters.” –Cus D’amato


Daryl Perron

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"D" has over 40 amateur fights and has also competed professionally. He has trained with some of the best in the fight industry.... both in boxing and MMA. D loves to give back to the sport and lead others in the ring... and is passionate about leading champions.

His favourite era of boxing is definitely the 90’s with fighters like Julio Caesar Chavez, Oscar Dela Hoya, Arturo Gatti, Tyson and more! But his all time favourite boxer has to be Sugar Ray Leonard. Let’s just say D is basically a boxing historian.

When he’s not training- D is either working hard in his business - or he’s ripping it up on his skateboard- or he’s spending time with his 6 kids & wife, Mair Miller, former professional boxer.

A true warrior with a kind heart and a freedom fighter you want in your corner. D loves the technical side of boxing and when you workout with him he truly wants you to train like a fighter. Welcome to the team D. 👊🏼

"Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but doing it like you love it! " –Mike Tyson

Mair Miller

Mair Miller

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A former competitive boxer, Mair has fought both amateur and professional.

She has won titles like the Brampton Cup and Provincial titles. She has competed at the National championships 3 times, and left with a Silver medal in hand each time.

Mair has trained with, sparred against and fought some of the best women in the industry, including Katie Taylor, Mary Spencer, Mandy Bujold and more.

Her most memorable moment in boxing was when she lost to Nova Scotia in the finals for the national championship in 2005, and when she got out of the ring, a kind old man came up to her and told her she was an excellent fighter, with beautiful footwork.

He told her she should have won that fight and that she was the better fighter. That man was Angelo Dundee. Mair felt like the champion of the world after that feedback! Mair stopped boxing competitively approximately a decade ago, when she started having babies. Now she is a mamabear to 4 littles and two bonus kids.

She also runs a successful (life and business) coaching business. When she’s not working with clients, or homeschooling kids, you can find her coaching soccer, writing her book or teaching women & girls how to be pretty strong and confident in her boxing programs.

We are excited to have Mair on board here at No Excuse Boxing. She is a lot of energy and fun… and a force to reckon with. She is one strong mama that you definitely want in your corner and on your team.

Be sure to say hi to Mair and come check out one of her classes. She will be running one of her 8 weeks camps on Saturdays and will be leading one of our kids classes and adult classes.
Welcome Coach Mair!

I want girls to do even better than I have done in my career. That is legacy looks like. - Katie Taylor

Coach Ken

Ken Paguaga

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Coach Ken is a Boxer and Coach with 10+ years of experience.

He has a passion for helping people achieve their fitness and boxing goals and unlock new skills and capabilities through the art of boxing.  

“Boxing is the ultimate challenge. There’s nothing that can compare to testing yourself the way you do every time you step in the ring.” - Sugar Ray Leonard

George McNaught

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George McNaught boxed in the British Navy and then accumulated over 30 pro fights in Ireland and England. George has been involved in boxing and self-defense training for over 65 years.

"When a man goes into the ring, he's going to war"
-Marvellous Marvin Haggler


Lucas Cedillos

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Coach Lucas is an Amateur Boxer and has been training and fighting for 3 years. He was introduced to boxing at the age of 8 Years old, when his mom showed him a documentary of Muhammad Ali. He was amazed with the science and techniques of different boxers and trainers. Boxing has helped Lucas overcome fear and obstacles in and out of the ring. And most importantly, boxing has helped Lucas develop the skill of perseverance.

Favorite boxer:  Sugar Ray Robinson

“Courage above all things is the first quality of a warrior” -Arturo Gatti

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